Export Packing

We offer professional packaging services for machines and facilities.

Anticorrosion and vacuum protections

Highly specialised vacuum wrapping with aluminium film guarantees sealed and safe protection of load types susceptible to humidity, temperature variations and contaminations. This type of packaging is offered to all our customers who want to be certain that their hydraulic systems, electric cabinets, control cabinets and other humidity & temperature sensitive facilities will safely reach their destination. Regardless of the size of machine or facility, from small units up to large-size loads, our staff will be glad to provide professional advice, prepare every type of merchandise for dispatch and ensure appropriate guarantee for the entire shipment time period.

Wrapping with heat shrinkable film

We offer professional packaging services for machines and facilities to be wrapped with heat shrinkable film, preparing them in this manner for sea container and bulk transport. Large machines, yachts and over-size facilities require protection in sea freight and in road transport. Our company specialises in wrapping with heat shrinkable film and for several years has been successful in preparing our customers’ loads all over the country. We use proven and renowned US film, provided with UV filter systems and, by special request, with an additional coating with volatile corrosion inhibitors, which effectively protects steel elements. This type of packaging guarantess load protection against the detrimental effects of highly saline sea water and weather conditions.

Transport Crates

We specialise in the design and production of robust, size-tailored, wooden transport crates. Depending on load size, weight and transport mode, our engineers design appropriate packaging solutions so that loads safely reach their destination. The materials used for production of these protection systems include imported high-quality wood, awarded with an IPPC fumigation certificate, as well as interior and waterproof plywood and OSB. We offer flexibility, meaning we can design functional and durable packaging systems tailored to almost any type of load. Contact our representatives to make the right selection.


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With our 27 years of experience, we guarantee professional packaging services, using heat shrinkable and aluminium films, (vacuum packaging) and anticorrosive and anti-humidity protections, as well as stowage of containers. We ensure the highest level of provided services, taking into account safety of the contents enclosed in our products. We have already turned around many orders, while the satisfaction of our customers is the best recommendation.
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