Container stowage

We offer a professional service of filling and stowing sea transport containers of all types

Fixing cargo in containers

We offer a professional service of filling and stowing sea transport containers of all types. We provide load protection, starting from standard (20’ and 40’) containers, through to enlarged containers and flat-rack packaging systems. Our service is available within Poland. By customer request, we also guarantee container inspection - we provide an audit service supervised by a licensed loading inspector. All these activities are to ensure that your shipped load is properly protected for transport against any detrimental factors. For this reason, we carefully select the measures and methods of load protection, taking into account the priority of providing shipped products with required stability in the transport container.

Knowledge and experience

Correct cargo fixing in sea freight requires knowledge and experience. Our staff improve their competencies on a constant basis, obtaining training certificates, for example, from SGS Poland and Cordstrap. We perform all stowage works only on attested materials approved and put into service in international transport. We provide our services in line with recommendations of the International Maritime Organisation based on provisions of the CARGO STOWAGE IN SEA TRANSPORT Acc. To Res. A.714 (17), Annex 13, Code of safe practice, IMO/ILO recomm, SOLAS.


  • check Wooden pallets with IPPC certificate
  • check Cordstrap woven tapes
  • check Dunnage bags
  • check Non-slip mats


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With our 27 years of experience, we guarantee professional packaging services, using heat shrinkable and aluminium films, (vacuum packaging) and anticorrosive and anti-humidity protections, as well as stowage of containers. We ensure the highest level of provided services, taking into account safety of the contents enclosed in our products. We have already turned around many orders, while the satisfaction of our customers is the best recommendation.
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