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The contracts successfully implemented by us perfectly document the flexibility of DANPOL’s staff, our skills to use different load protection techniques, as well as to apply size-adapted packaging solutions. In the course of stowage and general load protection, not only traditional transport crates are used but also a whole range of additional materials, effectively securing the merchandise when it is fixed in a container. Although every wooden crate designed and manufactured by us can effectively protect the load against potential mechanical damage, resulting from external factors, its proper stabilisation in a container increases its safety against shipping threats. Thus, we encourage this to be left to our experts who, based on their knowledge, skills and experience, will be able to ensure optimal care of your merchandise. While designing its protection, we are able to secure it both against mechanical and atmospheric factors (anticorrosive protection).


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With our 27 years of experience, we guarantee professional packaging services, using heat shrinkable and aluminium films, (vacuum packaging) and anticorrosive and anti-humidity protections, as well as stowage of containers. We ensure the highest level of provided services, taking into account safety of the contents enclosed in our products. We have already turned around many orders, while the satisfaction of our customers is the best recommendation.
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