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suszarnia drewna na skrzynie transportowe
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Methods of drying wood for transport boxes

Methods of drying wood for transport boxes Wood is unique for its strength, lightness, insulation and flexibility. It is widely used in construction, furniture making, paper making and many other areas. However, when a tree is felled, it usually has a high moisture content, which makes it unstable and unsuitable for many applications. Drying is…

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Welcome to our blog! Here we share the latest information and expert knowledge in the field of wood processing and the production of transport boxes and other wooden packaging.

Danpol is a company with a long tradition and passion for wood, and our blog is the place where we share our experience and knowledge. Do you want to find out what the latest trends are in the production of transport boxes? Curious about innovations in the wood industry? On our blog you will find the answers to these questions and many more.