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Export packaging

pakowanie eksportowe

Export packaging


We offer professional shrink-wrapping of machinery and equipment, thus preparing them for containerised sea freight and general sea freight. Large machines, yachts and oversized equipment require protection in sea and road freight.

Our company has specialised in shrink film packaging and has been preparing our customers’ shipments nationwide with great success for several years. We use a proven and reputable film made in the USA, which has UV filters and, on special request, an additional coating with volatile corrosion inhibitors, which effectively protects steel components. This type of protection guarantees the protection of the cargo from the harmful effects of highly saline seawater and atmospheric conditions.

Export packaging

Corrosion and vacuum protection

Highly specialised vacuum packaging in aluminium foil guarantees airtight and safe protection of cargo susceptible to moisture, temperature differences and contamination.

We offer this type of service to all our customers who want to make sure that their hydraulic systems, electrical cabinets, control cabinets and other moisture- and temperature-sensitive devices arrive safely at their destination. Regardless of the size of the machine or equipment, from small loads to large ones, our staff will advise and prepare each item for shipment and provide a guarantee for the transport.

pakowanie ładunku w skrzynie drewniane transportowe

Export packaging

Packaging of transport boxes

Our speciality is robust and custom-designed wooden transport boxes. Depending on the dimension and weight of the load and the type of transport, our engineers design the appropriate packaging so that the load arrives safely at its destination.

We use high-grade imported timber with an IPPC fumigation certificate, as well as dry-plywood, waterproof plywood and OSB for this protection.

Our range is distinguished by its flexibility, so that we are able to prepare functional, durable and tailor-made packaging for almost any type of load. Contacting our representatives will enable you to make the right choice

Export packaging

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