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Loading inspection

inspekcja załadunkowa do transportu morskiego

Loading inspection

Professional cargo securing inspection

The correct securing of cargo in sea freight is very important. Both the safety of the cargo being transported and the safety of the environment are a priority during our implementations.

This is why we offer our customers a professional service for supervising the loading and securing of goods carried out by an inspector from SGS Poland, with whom we have been cooperating on inspections for many years.

All surveillance is carried out on the basis of recommendations and regulations: CARGO STOWAGE IN SEA TRANSPORT Acc. To Res. A.714 (17), Annex 13, Code of safe practice, IMO/ILO recomm, SOLAS

Loading inspection

Inspection of the technical condition of the container

Before loading and stowing a container, our staff perform a basic inspection of the container’s condition to ensure that it meets the standards in ocean freight and is not damaged or soiled, which would disqualify it for further use.

We pay a great deal of attention and care when inspecting containers, as the safety of the cargo transported largely depends on their condition. Holes in the containers can cause a lot of seawater to enter, which can cause damage to the goods, and excessively warped walls can make it difficult to load and secure the goods correctly.

Our motto is, quality and cargo safety, which is why we attach such a high priority to our inspections.

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