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Wooden Transport Crates

skrzynie transportowe projektowane na wymiar

Transport Crates

Customised transport boxes

Our speciality is robust and custom-designed wooden transport boxes. Depending on the dimension and weight of the load and the type of transport, our engineers design the appropriate packaging so that the load arrives safely at its destination.

Each wooden transport box we prepare is customised to your preferred dimensions. They are designed and manufactured by experienced specialists, who ensure that these crates are able to secure even the most unusual and bulky loads for transport.

Types of cases offered:

  • Wooden transport transport crates
  • Plywood transport crates
  • OSB transport crates

Transport Crates

Solid wooden transport crates

It is important to bear in mind that a wooden transport crates becomes a solid protection against potential mechanical damage as well as any weather conditions. The same qualities distinguish our realisations prepared for repeated use.

Thanks to the fact that they have an opening lid, they can be used to secure items that must be kept permanently and easily accessible.

drewniane skrzynie transportowe
skrzynie transportowe z okuciami

Transport Crates

System transport crates with fittings

Custom-built system transport crates with aluminium fittings. These boxes are reusable and can be constructed in any way you like. They have opening lids or hinged doors, system locks and can be fitted with castors.

Both the load capacity of the castors and the crates are individually tailored to the customer’s expectations. These crates are ideal for shipping goods to trade fairs as well as entire trade fair stands or display products. Carefully and reliably made, they serve our customers for many years.

Transport Crates

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