Our Company


Our Company

Packaging experts

Since 1990, we have specialised in the production of industrial packaging, transport boxes, pallets and dunnage and construction lumber.

We have many years of experience and the qualifications of our employees guarantee high quality workmanship, timeliness, professional service and full-service consultancy. We provide services throughout the country and also abroad.

We have several ‘flying’ installation brigades, equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform services at the locations specified by our customers.

Our Company

The customer always comes first

Thanks to our perfectly coordinated activities and the mobility of our packing crews, we can respond to the needs of our partners in a rapid manner and guarantee that even the shortest deadlines are met.

Our location is not accidental either, the proximity of the three major transhipment ports BCT and GCT Gdynia, as well as DCT Gdansk, allows us to coordinate the packing, transport and stowage of containers so as to maximise the time required for loading onto ships.

The transport packaging we produce protects goods on their journey to various countries and continents. Our success is measured by our ever-growing number of satisfied customers from various industries.

skrzynie transportowe

Timeline of our activities

Danpol’s history

Our evolution in the manufacture of transport boxes from the founding of the company to the present day. We outline key moments of development and innovation, highlighting our commitment to delivering the highest quality products.


początki Danpol

Establishment of Danpol


Start of production of transport boxes


Transformation into a general partnership


sztauowanie kontenerów

Introduction of a container stowage service


Completion of construction of headquarters in Delowo


Construction of a wood drying facility in Delowo


Obtaining an IPPC certificate


pakowanie eksportowe

Introduction of a shrink-wrap service


Conversion into a limited liability company.

2016 – 2018

powiększenie przestrzeni magazynowej

Expansion of storage space in Delowo


Establishment of the Second Production Plant in Nowy Tuchom


Establishment of a branch in Elbląg

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