Our Headquarters


zakład produkcyjny skrzyn trasnportowych w delowie

Our Headquarters


Office and production facility

The Delowo plant is the company’s headquarters, where the office and largest production facility is located. It is the key centre of the company, where the largest production and processing of wood takes place. The plant includes a drying facility, which ensures the quality of the wood through a controlled drying process. In addition, this plant is responsible for the logistics and shipping of products to the company’s other branches, namely Nowy Tuchom and Elbląg.

The efficiency and quality of work in this plant have an impact on the entire production chain, as well as on customer satisfaction and the company’s position in the market. That is why we regularly invest in state-of-the-art technology, employee training and continuous process improvement to ensure the highest product quality and efficient operation of the entire company.

Our Headquarters

Nowy Tuchom

Production and handling branch

The branch in Nowy Tuchom has a production and transhipment function and is an important link in the company’s production and logistics chain. Equipped with overhead cranes, it enables efficient handling and loading of containers.

The plant continues the production started at the main plant in Delowo, but also carries out normal production processes. Its location in close proximity to seaports and airports makes this branch particularly advantageous for fast and efficient order processing.

Our Headquarters


Branch office

The Elbląg plant is strategically located to serve customers in the region, ensuring local availability of products and services. It was established in response to growing demand from customers in the region. It focuses its activities mainly on the assembly of transport boxes manufactured in Delowo and the export packing and stowage of containers.

We provide customers with a full service for the preparation of suitable packaging for transport and export. The division plays an important role in providing turnkey solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements.