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Transport crates

drewniane skrzynie transportowe

We manufacture robust transport boxes made of wood, plywood or OSB. Made in accordance with ISPM15 and IPPC. They are the best solution for goods exported by sea.

Export packaging

pakowanie eksportowe

We offer a comprehensive packing and load securing service for the journey using transport crates, shrink film and corrosion and vacuum protection.

Pallets and others

palety standardowe euro i niestandardowe

We offer the production of both standard euro pallets and non-standard customised pallets of any size, pallet extensions and platforms, wooden stands and joists.

Container stowage

sztauowanie kontenerów

We offer a professional forming and stowage service for shipping containers of all types. This ranges from standard 20′ and 40′ containers, through enlarged containers to flat rack packages.

Dunnage wood

drewno sztauerskie

We sell dunnage lumber with IPPC phytosanitary approval in accordance with the ISMP15 convention in standard and customised sizes to individual orders.

Loading inspection

inspekcja załadunku frachtu

We offer supervision of cargo stowage in sea freight, ensuring high quality and safety. We cooperate with SGS Poland and operate in accordance with Cargo Stowage In Sea Transport and SOLAS.