pakowanie układów hydraulicznych do drewnianych skrzyń transportowych
skrzynie drewniane transportowe producent
pakowanie układów hydraulicznych do drewnianych skrzyń transportowych
pakowanie częśći hydraulicznych
zabezpieczanie rurociągów do transportu morskiego w folię antykorozyjną vci

Our Projects

Packaging of pipelines for offshore transport

The scope of the service included export packaging of the pipelines for sea transport. They were protected using VCI corrosion protection film and ALU barrier film and then placed on matched wooden beds in transport crates.

Our most recent project involved the export packing of four control cabinets for ocean freight.

Scope of service provided:

  • Corrosion protection: Using VCI film to protect pipelines from corrosion.
  • Additional protection: Use of ALU barrier film for increased resistance to external agents.
  • Timber bed construction: Construction of special timber bearings to stabilise and protect the pipelines.
  • Packing into transport crates: Placing the pipelines in crates, with the aim of ensuring safe transport.

Description of the implementation of the order:

As part of this project, we were tasked with providing the highest level of protection for pipelines intended for offshore transport. The challenge was not only to protect them from corrosion, but also from a range of other factors that can occur during transport at sea.

A key element of our strategy was the use of VCI anti-corrosion film, which effectively protects the metal from rusting. In addition, to enhance the protection, we used ALU barrier film, which is resistant to moisture and sea salt.

Each pipeline was placed on a custom-designed wooden bed, which not only provided additional stability during transport, but also protected it from any shock or vibration. This gave us confidence that each component would be delivered intact.

This process required not only precise planning, but also meticulous execution at every stage. Thanks to our experience and specialised knowledge, we were able to meet these requirements, ensuring that the client was fully satisfied with the service provided.

Our Projects

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