drewniane skrzynie transportowe do kontenerów
drewniane skrzynie transportowe do kontenerów
pakowanie części reaktorów do skrzyni drewnianych transportowych
pakowanie reaktorów do transportu morskiego

Our Projects

Packaging of reactors for sea transport

We performed specialised packaging of the reactors for shipping. We used VCI anti-corrosion film, moisture absorbers and anti-corrosion capsules to provide maximum protection against corrosion and moisture.

Scope of service provided:

  • Corrosion protection: Use of VCI film to protect the reactors.
  • Moisture absorbers and corrosion capsules: Strengthening protection against moisture and corrosion.
  • Securing against displacement: Packing in wooden transport crates and stabilising the equipment to prevent movement in the crates.

Description of the implementation of the order:

Our most recent implementation was the challenge of ensuring the safe packaging of reactors destined for sea transport. The key here was not only to ensure protection against corrosion, but also against the effects of moisture, which is inevitable during transport at sea.

We used an innovative VCI anti-corrosion film that effectively protects the metal from rusting. In addition, to enhance the protection, we used moisture absorbers and anti-corrosion capsules to effectively absorb moisture and prevent corrosion.

Each reactor was carefully wrapped in plastic and then placed in a wooden transport box in such a way as to prevent them from moving during transport. In this way, we were assured that each unit would arrive on site in perfect condition.

Our Projects

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