3. pakowanie w folię VCI antykorozyjną maszyny do transportu lotniczego
1. pakowanie maszyny przemysłowej do transportu lotniczego
5. pakowanie maszyny przemysłowej do drewnianej skrzyni transportowe
7. pakowanie maszyny przemysłowej do drewnianej skrzyni transportowej 3

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Packaging of an industrial machine for air transport

In this order, we handled the packing for air transport of an industrial machine. The scope of work we carried out included:

Scope of service provided:

  • Machine protection with bubble wrap
  • Wrapping the machine with VCI corrosion protection film
  • In addition, wrapping the whole thing in stretch film
  • Placing the machine on a wooden pallet and securing it against displacement
  • Making a wooden transport crate to measure

Description of the implementation of the order:

We started by carefully protecting the industrial machine itself. First, we wrapped it in bubble wrap, which provided protection against minor mechanical damage. We then applied VCI film, which effectively protects against corrosion during transport. The next step was to wrap the whole thing in stretch film. We placed the machine so protected on a wooden pallet.

The final step was to secure the machine in a wooden transport crate built to size. The crate was made of solid planks, ensuring adequate strength and tightness. Inside the crate, we placed the machine on a pallet.

Thanks to comprehensive protection using various protective materials and a robust crate, the industrial machine was professionally prepared for safe air transport. We have maintained the highest packaging standards, tailoring methods to the specific requirements of this machine.

Our Projects

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