zabezpieczanie ladunku folia VCI
zabezpieczanie maszyny folia antykorozyjna
zabezpieczanie ladunku folia VCI
pakowanie ladunku w skrzynie transportowe drewniane
pakowanie eksportowe w drewniana skrzynie transportowa
skrzynie drewniane transportowe do frachtu morskiego

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Export packaging of an oil pumping machine

Maritime transport, by its very nature, poses unique logistical challenges, especially for valuable and sensitive equipment.

Our most recent project involved the export packaging of an oil pumping machine for shipping.

Scope of service provided:

  • Protection of machine and accessories with VCI corrosion protection film with volatile corrosion inhibitors and moisture absorbers
  • Fixing the system to the platform with Cordlash straps and anti-slip protection
  • Packing of machine and accessories in separate wooden transport boxes

Description of the implementation of the order:

The machine was packaged in a special VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) anti-corrosion film, which is known for its excellent ability to protect metal parts from corrosion. Volatile corrosion inhibitors inside the film form a micro-scale that prevents chemical reactions, thus protecting the machine from damage caused by moisture and sea salts.

Shipping by sea often involves large changes in temperature and humidity. We have therefore used moisture absorbers to help maintain the right conditions inside the packaging. This protects the machine from corrosion caused by sea moisture.

Shift and shock protection is another key element of the packing process. The machine has been firmly secured in the crate with Cordlash straps, which ensure not only safety but also stability during transport. Additionally, we used lumber to protect the system from shifting and avoid mechanical damage.

On the outside of the box, we have installed appropriate transport signs that inform port personnel and the ship’s crew of the specificity and delicacy of the cargo being transported. This ensures safe and responsible maritime transport.

Our company takes care to provide an individual approach to each project. The box is designed based on a drawing of the equipment provided by the customer to ensure a perfect fit and protection.

With our advanced packing techniques, we can provide not only excellent protection for your equipment, but also peace of mind during shipping. If you need professional packing and shipping services, we are ready to meet your needs. Contact us and we’ll help you get your products safely and securely across the globe.

If you have any further questions or would like to find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

Our Projects

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