skrzynie sterownicze przygotowane do transportu morskiego w folię vci

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Packaging of control cabinets and exchangers for sea transport

We carried out a complex operation to secure several control cabinets and ventilation exchangers by packing them for sea transport. The use of VCI film and the placement of the components in specially designed transport boxes allowed efficient use of space in the container.

Scope of service provided:

  • VCI foil packaging: protection of control cabinets and ventilation exchangers with VCI foil for corrosion protection
  • Packing them into crates: designing and building wooden transport crates to size for the load
  • Construction of partitions and shelves in crates: The creation of baffles and shelves in shipping crates, allowing several items to be packed in one crate.
  • Container Space Optimisation: Efficient arrangement of boxes in the container, maximising available space.

Description of the implementation of the order:

Our order consisted of packing several control cabinets and ventilation exchangers to be transported by sea. Key in this process was to ensure maximum protection and efficient use of space in the container.

The initial step was to protect each component with a VCI film to provide long-term protection against corrosion. Then, in order to optimise space, we designed transport crates with dividers and shelves. This allowed both smaller and larger control cabinets to be housed in a single crate, significantly increasing packaging efficiency.

In addition to providing protection, we also placed emphasis on the efficient forming of the container. Our solution saved a significant amount of space in the container, so there was no need to create additional boxes for each item separately.

Below is a photo of the packing process, showing how the crates were designed and arranged in the container, demonstrating our commitment to finding innovative logistics solutions.

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