pakowanie eksportowe szaf sterowniczych
pakowanie eksportowe szaf sterowniczych

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Packaging of control cabinets

A client, specialising in the manufacture of advanced control cabinets, commissioned us to provide an export packaging service for sea transport for its products.

Scope of service provided:

  • Construction of 5 wooden crates measuring 1110 x 850 x 900 mm
  • Construction of 2 wooden boxes measuring 1150 x 950 x 2450 mm
  • Construction of 1 wooden box with dimensions 950 x 750 x 2050 mm
  • Packaging of components in VCI and ALU film
  • Preparation for sea transport

Description of the implementation of the order:

The first key step was to design transport boxes with the right dimensions, ideally suited to the control cabinets. We created three different crates with dimensions: 1110x850x900mm – 5 pieces, 1150x950x2450mm – 2 pieces and 950x750x2050mm – 1 piece. Thanks to our individual approach to each piece, our crates perfectly adapted to the shape and size of the cabinets, ensuring optimal transport conditions.

Another key aspect was the careful protection of the control cabinets inside the transport boxes. We decided to use VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) film and ALU (aluminium) film as protective materials. The VCI foil forms a corrosion protection layer, effectively preventing damage caused by moisture and sea salt during coastal transport. The ALU foil, on the other hand, acts as an insulating layer, effectively protecting against adverse weather conditions and solar radiation.

Our advanced packaging technology and many years of experience in securing goods have enabled us to perfectly adapt each control cabinet to the requirements of shipping. We are proud to ensure that our customers can have full confidence that their valuable products will arrive at their destination intact.

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