zabezpieczenie zbiornika do frachtu drogą morską
skrzynie drewniane transportowe
zabezpieczenie zbiornika do frachtu drogą morską
zabezpieczenie ładunku na czas transportu kontenerowego
zabezpieczanie zbiornika metalowego do transportu morskiego na podeście
folia vci z inhibitorami korozji do zabezpieczania ładunków metalowych

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Packing a tank for a nuclear power plant for sea transport

We carried out the specialist packing, or securing for sea transport, of a tank for a nuclear power plant. This is a realisation that required not only our utmost attention to detail, but also technical expertise to meet the requirements for safe sea transport. The tank was packaged with a guarantee of protection for 24 months, including the ability to read the pressure value from the pressure gauge thanks to a specially made inspection window.

Scope of service provided:

  • ALU Barrier Film: the use of ALU film to provide maximum protection against external factors such as moisture and sea salt. This film plays a key role in ensuring the long-term protection of the tank during transport.
  • VCI anti-corrosion film: using VCI film to protect the tank from corrosion. This innovative film provides an extra layer of protection, preventing damage caused by rust and other corrosion processes.
  • Inspection window: Introducing an innovative solution in the form of an inspection window, allowing the values from the pressure gauge to be read without having to unpack the tank.
  • Securing and packing into a crate: Constructing a wooden transport crate and using Cordlash straps and lumber to provide stability in the crate for the tank, which is essential to prevent shifting during transport.

Description of the implementation of the order:

This order was a task that presented us with a number of unique requirements and challenges. Our aim was to ensure not only the safety of the transported tank, but also to maintain its functionality for the duration of the 24-month warranty period.

The use of ALU barrier film was crucial to protect the tank from the damaging effects of moisture and sea salt, which are inevitable in shipping. Thanks to its properties, this film provides long-lasting protection against external factors.

Equally important was the use of VCI’s anti-corrosion film, which prevented corrosion processes. Thanks to it, we could be sure that the tank would remain in perfect condition throughout the warranty period.

Ensuring that the values from the manometer could be read without having to unpack the tank was achieved by creating a special inspection window. This innovative solution allowed the condition of the tank to be checked in real time, which is extremely important in the context of long-term storage.

In addition, the tank was solidly secured in the transport crate using cordlash straps and lumber, which guaranteed its stability and safety during transport.

The entire implementation took place according to the strict guidelines provided by the client, which confirms our flexibility and willingness to adapt to individual needs.

Below is a photo of the packaging process, which shows the precision and attention to detail of our work.

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