pakowanie uładów do frachtu drogowego
zabezpieczanie ładunku folią termokurczliwą do transportu drogowego
zabezpieczanie ładunku w folię termokurczliwą
pakowanie uładów do frachtu drogowego

Our Projects

Packaging of frames for road transport system

In a series of several realisations, we had the pleasure of carrying out the packaging of the frames under the layout, securing the cargo for road transport to Switzerland. Each realisation included the use of shrink wrap, guaranteeing protection from contamination during transport.

Scope of service provided:

  • Shrink film: In each realization, we protected the frames with shrink film, which effectively protects against dirt and damage.

Description of the implementation of the order:

Our task was to properly prepare and secure the frames for layout for road transport to Switzerland. Over the course of several implementations, we focused on ensuring that each batch of frames arrived on site in perfect condition.

To achieve this, we chose shrink film because of its unique protective properties. This film not only protects against contamination, but also provides stability and protection against mechanical damage.

Each of the three realisations was carried out with the same precision and attention to detail. Our packaging ensured that each batch of frames was safe and stable throughout transport, which is crucial when transporting long distances by road.

Below are a selection of images from these packing projects, which illustrate the precision and care of our approach to providing a top-quality service for securing cargo for sea transport.

Our Projects

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